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The Continued Popularity of Rattan Garden Furniture

24 October, 2011 - Rattan may have been around for centuries, but its popularity shows no sign of waning.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Modern rattan garden furniture is a fixture of many homes, as it provides a durable and attractive outdoor furniture solution. However, the rattan garden furniture we know and love today has a long and interesting history.

Interestingly, rattan takes its name from the rattan species of plants. In total, there are more than 600 types of rattan palm, meaning that the word ‘rattan’ is actually an umbrella term. These plants are most commonly found in areas such as Australasia, Asia and Africa.

The earliest forms of rattan garden furniture are processed from rattan plants. This involves peeling off the skin of the plant, which is then used to weave furniture. The result is a durable and lightweight weave that helps to contribute to the continuing popularity of the furniture.

Rattan furniture has been relatively popular in the United Kingdom since the Victorian period, when it was most commonly used as indoor furniture and was sometimes seen as a cost effective alternative to more expensive hardwood furniture. Gradually, rattan garden furniture started to become more popular and, as the twentieth century wore on, the fabric itself started to undergo some changes.

The changeable British weather led to the development of synthetic rattan furniture, which is usually made out of plastic. Most of the rattan garden furniture you see today is made out of this synthetic alternative to the natural fibre. This has all the benefits of the original, with the added bonus that it is much more durable in bad weather – which is one of the reasons it has fast become such a fixture in gardens across the country.

Rattan garden furniture is often minimalist in style, harking back to its Victorian roots, but it still comes in a range of designs, styles and colours. This versatility is another contributing factor to its eternal popularity. From outdoor dining chairs and tables that can be stacked together to save space, to rattan garden sofas, there is a huge choice of furniture available.

Often, rattan garden furniture is also used indoors. The most popular room for this is the conservatory. The portable nature and adaptability of the furniture adds more to its charm, and it is now popular in countries right across the world. It seems safe to say that the rattan revolution will be continuing for many years to come.


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About Living It Up
Living It Up is an online retailer of quality home & garden furniture. Established in 2005 our first foray in to the world of garden furniture was our ever-popular Bow Hammock. In 2007 Living It Up was amongst the first companies in the UK to offer a range of rattan garden furniture. Our first rattan item, the Love Sofa, remains a top-seller to the present day thanks to its attractive and unusual design.

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