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What is Rattan?

Rattan Garden Furniture

In its natural state, rattan is a type of plant that grows in places such as Australasia and Asia. Rattan palms are where the idea of woven rattan furniture originated from: unlike wicker, which is a style of furniture, rattan is actually a material.

However, modern rattan furniture tends not to be made out of rattan at all and is in fact usually styled out of manmade fabrics. Synthetic rattan has the advantage that as well as looking just as good as ‘natural’ rattan, it is also much more durable – which makes it especially good for garden furniture.

One of the original problems of natural rattan garden furniture was that changeable UK weather had a bad effect on it, leading to damage of the natural fibres. This isn't a problem with modern, synthetic rattan furniture, though, meaning it is fine to leave it outside no matter what the weather.

Modern rattan is also very versatile and is made in a range of styles. It comes in different colours, providing consumers with lots of style choice. You can get hold of rattan furniture such as chairs, tables and sofas; as well as for use as garden furniture, rattan is also a popular indoor material.

Rattan is also extremely lightweight, which is another reason it is so enduringly popular. It means that it is very easy to transport and move around if you need to: it won't take an army to move your summer dining furniture to the side of the garden for the winter, for instance. The fact that modern rattan is very durable is another advantage, as it means the furniture has a long shelf life and so works out to be very cost effective.

Overall, rattan furniture is as popular now as it was when it was first invented, and it doesn't seem as though that is going to change any time soon.

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