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What is Textilene Garden Furniture?

Rattan Garden Furniture

Textilene garden furniture is a popular and durable type of outdoor furniture. It is made out of textilene, which is a manmade fabric; it consists of plastic in an open weave and it is tough and suitable for a range of weathers. To keep your textilene garden furniture in top condition, it is recommended that you store them inside during the winter months so that they cannot run the risk of being damaged by the elements.

Textilene garden furniture comes in a range of styles and designs. For instance, textilene deck chairs are very popular as the material is flexible enough to be comfortable, but still tough enough to stand up to weather conditions. You can also get outdoor dining chairs made from textilene, which could provide a great place for you to sit during outdoor summer meals.

It's really easy to keep your textilene garden furniture in good condition, too. A bucket of warm water should do it: all you need to do is wipe the furniture down with a sponge dipped in the water. Adding a bit of mild soap to the water can help if there is a lot of dirt to get off the furniture. It's recommended that you clean the furniture before you store it away for the winter; this way, it is much less likely to become damaged by mildew and will still look great when you get it out again the following summer.

Another benefit of textilene's versatility is that it is easy to store in comparison to some other types of furniture, such as that made out of solid wood or plastic. If space is an issue for you, you could look for chairs that can easily be folded and slipped into a corner, meaning that textilene garden furniture is space-saving as well as comfortable and affordable.

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