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How Modern Rattan Garden Furniture is Made

Rattan Garden Furniture

Modern rattan garden furniture is somewhat different to the rattan furniture that was first used thousands of years ago. Rattan is a natural material that is very durable and can withstand extreme heat, but it is not particularly suitable for use outdoors. This means that the rattan garden furniture you will commonly see tends to be made out of a synthetic alternative.

The first synthetic rattan was made using paper and steel wire, but in the twenty first century it is more commonly made out of either a plastic or resin. These are both materials that are also durable, as well as being flexible so they can be shaped just as traditional rattan furniture would be. They also have the benefit of being waterproof and easy to wipe down, which is why they are so popular for use as rattan garden furniture.

Typically, these synthetic materials will be turned into rattan patio furniture through weaving. This will generally be done on a loom, just as it would be with normal rattan. The material is shaped into rattan garden furniture such as chairs and tables. It can also be used for outdoor sofas when cushions are placed on top of it. The most common colours for modern rattan garden furniture are black and grey, with ‘natural’ shades also being popular.

The synthetic material is often produced in China, where superior fibres that are ideal for rattan garden furniture have been developed. The very best furniture will also have been made by weavers who are experts in rattan weaving.

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