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Rattan Garden Furniture

Please click the links below to view articles and resources on Rattan Garden Furniture from how it's made to why it's so popular. We've also provided articles on how to look after your rattan furniture.

Five essential pieces of rattan furniture
Whether you’re upgrading your garden furniture, enhancing a new patio, styling a contemporary conservatory, or all of the above, Living It Up’s top five suggestions for rattan furniture combine all-weather low maintenance practicality, with a striking and comfortable designer look.

Which rattan chair is right for me?
If you’re after a rattan chair, Living It Up have a range of comfortable and practical options, many of which are also available in a new material called textilene. (Just like the rattan we use, textiline is highly durable and weatherproof!)

Modular rattan furniture for your garden
We all love relaxing in the garden, whether were kicking back on a comfortable chair with a book and glass of something cold or enjoying a nice meal at an outdoor dining table. However, it’s important to make sure we get the right furniture for our gardens so we can get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.

Why choose rattan garden furniture
You will no doubt have heard of rattan furniture; it has long been a popular option for people looking for good quality, attractive furniture. But what about rattan garden furniture? If you are thinking of getting some furniture for your garden, it could well turn out to be the perfect option. Here are the best reasons why.

Choosing cushions for your rattan furniture
Rattan furniture is a hugely popular style of furniture that can be found in many homes and gardens.

Incorporating large or unique pieces of rattan furniture into your garden
Rattan furniture is a very popular choice for gardens. Not only is it extremely attractive, but it is also light and durable, making it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. 

How to purchase different styles of rattan furniture that complement each other
In many ways, the garden is an additional room of the home, which is why so many of us go to such lengths to make it look perfect. 

Protecting your rattan furniture with covers and more
One of the great things about rattan garden furniture is that it is very durable and is made to be able to withstand a variety of different weathers.

Complimenting your rattan furniture with rattan accessories
Rattan furniture is hugely popular. Whether we are talking about cool, comfy sofas in the conservatory, a beautiful outdoor seating area or a big, attractive dining table, rattan furniture is definitely in vogue.

Rattan garden furniture for dining or relaxing
In a way, the garden is another room of the house – and we all know it can be a wonderful place to relax and entertain.

Taking Care of your Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture is a popular choice for many homes because it is attractive and lightweight, and most modern rattan furniture is also suitable for outdoor use.

Traditional Rattan versus Modern Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture has been around for hundreds of years and it is still going strong today, with many people now choosing to have rattan garden furniture as well as using the material elsewhere in their homes

A Guide to Modern Garden Furniture
In recent years, the garden has come to be treated as an outdoor room – almost an extension of the house itself.

Choosing Your Rattan Dinning Set
When the weather is nice, it’s only natural that you will want to sit out in your garden and enjoy the sunshine.

Choosing an Outdoor Sofa
A rattan dining set is a great addition for any home and one of the big benefits of rattan is that it can normally be used outside as well as inside...

What Are Rattan Cube Sets?
Rattan garden furniture has been popular for many years and now rattan cube sets are becoming a popular facet of the genre. Rattan cube sets are ideal for use both outside and inside, making them very versatile – but what are they?

Using Rattan for Planting
Rattan planters are a really good idea for any garden as they are perfect for the job of planting and look extremely stylish, which can be great if you are looking to add a twist to the look of your garden.....

Environmental Issues with Natural Rattan
As it is a natural material, there are important harvesting and environmental issues to consider with natural rattan. Get all the info you need on Rattan furniture and the environment here....

Different Types of Rattan Day Beds
There are quite a few different types of rattan day beds available, so no matter what kind of day bed you are looking for, you are sure to find an option to suit you. This article explains the options rattan day beds available...

Different Types of Rattan Chairs
Rattan is a very popular type of furniture that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Rattan chairs are especially popular, largely because there is such a fantastic range of choice available. The material used to make rattan chairs is durable, light and flexible, which makes it ideal for many different designs of chair...

Rattan Furniture for your Conservatory
The conservatory can be a wonderful place to relax but to help it achieve its optimum potential, you need to get the right furniture. Rattan conservatory furniture is a great option. Rattan is light and durable, which makes it ideal for regular use...

What is Rattan?
In its natural state, rattan is a type of plant that grows in places such as Australasia and Asia. Rattan palms are where the idea of woven rattan furniture originated from: unlike wicker, which is a style of furniture, rattan is actually a material...

Choosing your Rattan Patio Furniture
Rattan patio furniture can make a great addition to your garden and it has many benefits: as well as being durable and attractive, it is also lightweight and so convenient for many people. Read on to find out more about choosing your rattan patio furniture...

What is Textilene Garden Furniture?
Textilene garden furniture is a popular and durable type of outdoor furniture. It is made out of textilene, which is a manmade fabric; it consists of plastic in an open weave and it is tough and suitable for a range of weathers...

How Modern Rattan Garden Furniture is Made
Modern rattan garden furniture is somewhat different to the rattan furniture that was first used thousands of years ago. Rattan is a natural material that is very durable and can withstand extreme heat, but it is not particularly suitable for use outdoors...

Looking after your Rattan Garden Furniture
One of the best things about rattan garden furniture is that it is extremely durable and hard-wearing, so not only will it last you for ages without damage but it will also be extremely easy to look after. There are very few things you need to do to keep your rattan garden furniture in tip top shape...

The Durability of Rattan Garden Furniture
If you are thinking of having furniture in your garden then it is important that it will be durable. After all, it has to withstand a whole variety of weather as well as people using it on a regular basis. Rattan garden furniture is ideal for outdoor use as it is extremely durable and hard-wearing...

The History of Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture has a very long history that dates back more than 5000 years. Evidence of its use has been discovered in many different excavation sites and it is known to have been hugely popular in Ancient Egypt...

The Lightweight Material of Rattan Garden Furniture
One of the main benefits of rattan garden furniture is that it is extremely lightweight, which brings with it other benefits, adding to the appeal of having this type of furniture. Rattan, which refers to the type of weaving technique used for this furniture, is ideal because it allows the furniture to be extremely sturdy and strong without actually weighing very much at all...

The Fade Resistance of Rattan Garden Furniture
One of the great things about rattan garden furniture is that it is fade resistant. This is something that is obviously very important when you are planning to leave your furniture outside on a permanent basis as, if it didn’t have fade resistant capabilities, it would most likely start to fade very quickly...

Space Saving Rattan Garden Furniture
Rattan garden furniture has many benefits, from the fact it is hard-wearing and so is suitable for outdoor use, to the fact that it is really attractive to look at and comfortable to sit on, making it ideal for practically any garden. Another fantastic benefit of rattan garden furniture is the fact it comes in space saving options...

The Difference between Rattan and Wicker
Many people love both wicker and rattan garden furniture, but there are important differences between them. For instance, rattan is a specific type of wood whereas wicker tends to refer more to the process used in making a certain type of furniture...

The Commercial Popularity of Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture has long been popular for home use, but now it is gaining popularity in the commercial world, too. Many businesses are seeing the potential of rattan furniture for both indoor and outdoor use...

Traditional Rattan versus Poly-Rattan
Rattan furniture has been popular for a long time. In the past, it always used to be made of what we might call 'traditional' rattan, while more recently, poly-rattan has become ever more popular. But what are the differences between these two and which should you choose when buying rattan furniture?

Using Rattan Indoors and Outdoors
Rattan garden furniture is extremely popular as it is a very versatile material that means it’s ideal for all sorts of furniture. In the past, rattan furniture was mainly used indoors because the rattan material would become damaged if it was left outside in the rain...

Winter-proof Rattan Furniture
Often, if you leave garden furniture outside during the winter, you'll come back to it the following spring to find that it has become cracked or otherwise damaged as a result of the cold weather, rain and snow. However, this is not the case with outdoor rattan furniture...