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What's the Difference Between Rattan and Wicker?

Rattan Garden Furniture

Many people love both wicker and rattan garden furniture, but there are important differences between them. For instance, rattan is a specific type of wood whereas wicker tends to refer more to the process used in making a certain type of furniture.

Rattan is related to the tropical palm tree and it is said to be one of the strongest woods around - hence its popularity when making furniture. It is strong because its grain grows vertically, unlike other types of tree that tend to form tree rings. This makes rattan ideal for making all sorts of things.

This is where wicker comes into it. Typically, wicker furniture is furniture that has been woven using wood. This wood can be rattan or it can be another type of wood. Wicker is not, therefore, a material in itself in the same way that rattan is. Wicker chairs can also be made out of material such as bamboo or even straw. It is the process of the weaving that is important here.

Typically, rattan furniture is made out of rattan itself. However, rattan garden furniture is different as it is normally made out of PVC or another acrylic. This is to make sure it is sturdy enough to cope with being outdoors and that it won’t fade in the sun or become damaged by rain. Rattan garden furniture takes its name because the furniture is made to look regular like rattan furniture, despite the fact it isn’t.

Overall, then, rattan tends to refer to a specific material, whereas wicker is somewhat of a broader category.

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