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Traditional Rattan versus Poly-Rattan Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture has been popular for a long time. In the past, it always used to be made of what we might call ‘traditional’ rattan, while more recently, poly-rattan has become ever more popular. But what are the differences between these two and which should you choose when buying rattan furniture?

Traditional rattan comes from a tropical climbing plant and it is prepared in a specific way in order to turn it into the rattan that is typically used in rattan furniture. One part of the rattan plant is often used to make the structure of the furniture, while a different part is used to create the woven effect that so many people associate with rattan furniture.

By contrast, poly-rattan is a synthetic alternative to traditional rattan. One of the reasons this came about was because traditional rattan isn’t ideal for use outdoors as it can start to rot if it’s left out in the rain. Poly-rattan, which is normally made out of a plastic such as polythene, doesn’t have this problem.

This makes poly-rattan ideal for garden furniture and, in fact, most rattan furniture available today is made out of poly-rattan, largely because it is so versatile and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  It is also lighter than traditional rattan, which has benefits if you are hoping to move your furniture around to different locations.

Overall, both traditional rattan and poly-rattan furniture look sensational, so which one you choose will largely depend on what you plan to do with your furniture. If it’s solely for indoor use then traditional rattan would be ideal, whereas for outdoor use or a combination of uses, you might want to think about poly-rattan instead.

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