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Rattan furniture has been around for hundreds of years and it is still going strong today, with many people now choosing to have rattan garden furniture as well as using the material elsewhere in their homes.

Rattan Garden Furniture

One debate centres on whether it is better to have traditional rattan or modern rattan furniture.

These two types of rattan are actually very similar. The main difference is that traditional rattan usually refers to furniture that has been made out of the natural rattan material, which is found growing in many Asian countries. Modern rattan furniture, however, is generally made out of synthetic material and is sometimes called poly-rattan to reflect this fact.

Both types of rattan are strong, durable and attractive, all of which helped to make it very popular as a furniture material to begin with. However, modern rattan furniture is arguably now more popular than traditional rattan, for several reasons. One reason is that there is a wide range of choice of modern rattan furniture available, including many different colours and styles of furniture.

Also, modern rattan furniture is widely available and is not dependent on supplies of the rattan plant. It is also much more suitable for the variable weather we typically experience in the UK: while traditional, natural rattan is not really suitable for outdoor use, modern rattan furniture is typically well-suited for this purpose. This makes it particularly versatile and is one of the reasons this type of furniture is so popular today.

For example, you can now find modern rattan sofas, tables, chairs and more, all of which are suitable for outdoor relaxation and dining. They can also be used inside, which means they are very adaptable and even though traditional rattan remains popular, modern rattan furniture arguably has got the edge when it comes to versatility and practicality.

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