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Using Rattan Furniture Indoors and Outdoors

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is extremely popular as it is a very versatile material that means it’s ideal for all sorts of furniture. In the past, rattan furniture was mainly used indoors because the rattan material would become damaged if it was left outside in the rain. However, there are now new types available that make outdoor rattan furniture extremely popular.

Indoor rattan furniture is popularly used in conservatories, as well as living rooms and other rooms of the house. It is often made out of natural rattan material, which comes from tropical climbing tree. Different parts of the material are used to make the structure of the furniture and the famous woven rattan effect, making it a very versatile material that’s ideal for furniture.

Often, outdoor rattan patio furniture is made out of PVC or another type of plastic, often with aluminium frames. This helps to be as sturdy as possible and also means it is able to endure any sort of weather. Outdoor rattan furniture often consists of benches, sofas and dining chairs that are great either for eating outside or for use indoors if you prefer.

The fact that rattan furniture looks great both indoors and outdoors makes it ideal for all sorts of situations. It is a type of furniture that has been popular for more than a century and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning at all. You can even use your outdoor rattan furniture inside if you want to, making it even more versatile and cost effective as you’ll be able to get loads of use out of it.

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